Office Xpress

Call Management Software

Office Xpress is effective, easy to use call management software for telephone systems, providing vital telephone usage, call accounting and business performance data. Helping you run your business more efficiently, increasing productivity and saving you money.

Office Solutions Version 9.0 provides a choice of Microsoft or Google interface themes and styles providing an easy to use and familiar desktop environment.

Report on extensions, trunks, and departments helping you make informed decisions controlling costs and increasing sales. Simply load the software onto a PC or Server and connect to the SMDR call logging port (via RS232, USB, TAPI or LAN) of the phone system to start collecting data about all the calls in and out of your system.


  • Single site license runs on all PC’s
  • Today (dashboard) graphical view
  • Wide range of reports
  • Single & Multi-site reporting
  • Integration of audio call recording files
    (requires Office Voice recorder)
  • Easily add Office Pro, Voice recorder,
    or CTI for additional functionality


All Telephone Systems with a data output
(Call for further Details)



  • Do you have enough lines?
  • Do your callers ever get an engaged tone?
  • Is your company losing business or
    customers, through abandoned calls and
    unacceptable ring times?
  • Which department or individual generates or
    incurs the majority of costs?
  • Which customers do you call the most?
  • Is your advertising working?

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