Local Government

Ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing liability in the public sector are fundamental requirements for local government departments and associated organisations; however virtually all local government and public service organisations need to increase operational efficiency, speed-up interaction but maintain levels of acceptable customer service with their customers and the public.

The Office Voice range of fully integrated products provides effective solid solutions for government and public service organisations. Specifically by combining Office Voice recording with Office Pro live Call Centre monitoring and management, ensures that liability and performance are addressed at all times. Adding CTI integration ensures automated compliance with PCI card payment systems and further performance enhancements by enabling playback of audio recording from within CRM systems.

Office Voice, Office Pro and Office CTI provide:

  • Recording of all inbound/outbound calls
  • Safeguard regulatory compliance including PCI card payment
  • Protect liability
  • Provide agent and group call/contact centre monitoring & reporting
  • Automatically archive recordings
  • All call recordings securely encrypted
  • Easily find & retrieve call recordings
  • Securely access recordings by user logon
  • Make notes on specific calls & flag at risk calls
  • Extract, export or email particular sections of call recordings
  • Provide audit trail of conversations and associated documentation
  • CRM integration including embedding link to play back recording from CRM

Government and public service organisations rely on Office Solutions and services to help them monitor changes in service trends, discover and manage the causes of customer and employee behaviour and assist with staff training. Using voice recording, real-time software monitoring and reporting enables effective, appropriate and timely decisions to help ensure service excellence, whilst achieving performance improvements across all aspects of customer operations.


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