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Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive. Choosing the right hardware & software solution to implement your business ideas the way you want, is mandatory. INTAGate lets you select the business solution that compliments NOT just your business model but also your budget.

Integrated Telephone System

  • All your communications in one location with one supplier.
  • Cost effective and affordable solutions for all aspects of call management.
  • On premise and Hybrid solutions.
  • 24/7 rapid Support Guarantee.


  • The system you want, with all the features you need, at a price you deserve.
  • INTAGate is everything you expect at a price that you don’t expect. A comprehensive communications solution that provides a feature rich environment at a price that will amaze.

INTAGate now seamlessly integrates with the full range of Office communications and management products. All of the products are available as part of the IG range of Interfaces. INTAGate provides the most feature rich solutions at UNBEATABLE prices. Communications are no longer a large economic hurdle… The ‘all in one’ bundles provide all of the features that the other providers charge as “add-ons”. With INTAGate, it is the one price and you get all of the Unified Communication bundles (See a List of features) in that price. No nasty add on license fees, no third party add on providers…

Deal with the manufacturers and find out what Sales and Service SHOULD be like.

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INTAGate supplies and supports world class solutions. From basic solutions to complete communications configurations, INTAGate has the answer. All of our products from hardware to software com with our 24/7 reliability and support guarantees.


INTAGate products integrate with most known brand products in the communications arena including Synway, yealink, Snom, Mitel, Broadsoft, Salesforce , Dynamics, most popular CRMs and other ERP systems. Integration is an expectation, not just a hope.


INTAGate provides communication solutions that encompass all aspects. From basic PBX and switching to Call Accounting, Call center, CTI/SIP and all aspects of the Unified Communications arena. From the simplest design to the most complex requirement, INTAGate is the solution.

Products Features

- Unified Communications IP PBX -


IP PBX appliance designed to bring enterprise-grade unified communications and security protection to all levels of businesses. Enables enterprises to unify multiple communication technologies, such as comprehensive voice, fax, calling, conferencing, video/audio surveillance, data tools, security surveillance, mobility, and facility access management into one commonly managed or accessible network. With advanced hardware platform and software functionalities, the IG200 can support up to 15 concurrent calls, 60 registered users, 15-attendee and offer effortless setup and deployment via the web-browser user interface. Besides comprehensive features for unified communications, the IG200 series offers a high level of security protection (SRTP, TLS & HTTPS).


With an advanced hardware platform, dual power supply and software functionalities, the IG500 can support up the registered users and offer effortless setup and deployment via the web-browser user interface. features, including customizable call-routing, multi-level IVRs, call queues, auto-attendant, call detail records (CDR), multi-site peering, voicemail/fax forwarding to email and more.


A hybrid IP-PBX appliance. The system can manage 6 different card configurations with a mix of ISDN, Analog, GSM and PC server cards. It supports 100 Concurrent Calls, 1,000+ Users, Enterprise-grade, IVR/Voice Mail/Fax/Conference/Recording/CDR/NAT Transverse, a High Level of Integrated Security such as SBC (SRTP, TLS & HTTPS) with a seamless Interoperability with PSTN: E1/T1/FXO/FXS/Wireless.

UC Communication Solutions

Hardware and software solutions are often difficult to marry into a seamless environment. INTAGate has achieved the single environment utilizing its modular solutions to all of the communications needs. Whether it is a basic PBX system or a complex unified communications solution, INTAGate can provide the solution. Our solutions allow you, the customer, to grow, with all additions and module being able to be added with little or no disruption to your business flow. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your telephone system, the Office Solutions provide cost effective solutions for call management, call recording, call centres, computer telephony integration, database integration and much more in addition to our comprehensive range of On Premise and Hybrid PBX switches.


Real time graphical presentations covering all facets of your communications, updating on a per transaction basis so that the user is aware of all situations. The call management applications, constantly monitor how well your company or organization is dealing with existing and potential new customers. This comprehensive business call management application connects to your telephone system and provides instant real-time graphical information relating to calls being made or received in your business or organization.


Wallboards make busy times easier by providing timely and useful information about your call flow and agent status allowing supervisors to act upon live statistics making fast accurate and informed decisions. You can have unlimited wallboards deployed throughout your organization providing up to the second status information driving and maintaining efficiency and boosting team morale. Information can be fully customized to display single and multi-site information, which can be displayed on; any networked PC monitor / LCD / Plasma display.

Call Outcomes

INTAGate Solutions takes the principle of stamping calls with account codes, much like attorneys do when they want to bill clients for calls made and received, and swaps or associates individual client codes for call outcomes. These outcomes can then be recorded using flexible function keys on a staff members phone or by installing a small application on their PC/workstation allowing them to search for an outcome and stamp the call.

Call outcomes can be reported on in both summary and detailed format, whilst wallboards (flat screen displays) can display live outcome counts for each extension user.


INTAGate Office reporting provides agent reports in order to manage team members and activities. This allows activity and call reporting on staff members who either use the same phone every day or login to different phones with an agent ID. Reports can be generated at any time or be set to run automatically and be sent to a file location or an email box.

…Each report shows what time each person logged in and logged out for the day, how many calls they answered, how quickly they answered calls, their average inbound call length…

…how many calls they made, their average outbound call length, how many calls they transferred to others, their total inbound and outbound talk time for the day…

…and importantly, how long they were in each break mode.

Service & Support

Finding the right hardware and software to enhance and service your business needs, whilst improving your staff’s ability to sustain and secure new business, is very important. Finding a company who can also provide appropriate and timely support services, ensuring the investment made is realized and maintained, is as important as choosing the right applications to begin with. INTAGate provides 24/7 hardware and software support with dedicated and skilled agents for each area of concern. Our Service Level agreement is not only binding but exceeded in 98% of all incidents with the highest level of customer satisfaction in our industry.

Three easy methods

Phone, Email, or Text Support has never been easier to obtain and never been faster. Customers can also fill out the on-line contact information. Our guarantee to you is you will NOT be left waiting in line like so many places…. We will respond within 10 to 15 minutes and often even faster…. You are important, your issue is important and we are here to help as quickly as possible.

Self Service

Why wait in line when you can send your issue(s) immediately. Self-ticketing is one of the many ways we immediately interact with our customers to resolve any issues, software, training or otherwise.

Document Source

Document and video portals provide immediate and helpful tips and training techniques. Fully comprehensive and available on demand.

Compliance & Recording

Call recording used to be the preserve of larger enterprises, but today businesses of all sizes recognize the value of investing in call recording technology; to improve customer service, train their staff, resolve commercial disputes and in many cases adhere to compliance and regulatory standards. Office Voice call recorders offer remarkable value for money and are highly featured but still easy to use. All companies need to maintain records to reduce liability ensuring regulatory compliance imposed by government bodies and adhere to stringent regulations. In many cases documentation of telephone calls, conversations and business transactions are mandatory or legal requirements but simply just “not enough”. Call recording helps protect companies against malpractice or false claims by customers when providing products and or services over the phone, encrypted compliant recording services are a must.


Call recording used to be the preserve of larger enterprises, but today businesses of all sizes recognize the value of investing in call recording technology; to improve customer service, train their staff, resolve commercial disputes and in many cases adhere to compliance and regulatory standards. Office Voice call recorders offer remarkable value for money and are highly featured but still easy to use.


The Office Voice Compact and Ultimate Call Recorders currently use the following methods to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS); schemes designed to protect the security of credit, debit and cash card transactions. In essence, the part we concentrate on is providing a method for pausing and resuming voice recordings in order to prevent sensitive card details being recorded during telephone calls when a card transaction is taking place.

Workforce Optimization

Need to serve your customers better and more cost effectively, whilst obtaining valuable data and information about each interaction? Workforce optimization or WFO provides visibility into actual customer experience so you can ensure your agents are reaching defined goals and help you fix anything that’s not working. You can optimize workforce scheduling whilst monitoring agent performance.

  • Quality Assurance – Agent Scoring
  • Notes -Voice Case Management (VCM)
  • Call Reports

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