Office Voice Ultimate

Call recording used to be the preserve of larger enterprises, but today businesses of all sizes recognize the value of investing in call recording technology to improve customer service, train their staff, resolve commercial disputes and in many cases adhere to compliance and regulatory standards. Office Voice call recorders offer remarkable value for money and are highly featured but still easy to use.

Features at a glance

  • Easily search, playback and e mail recordings
  • Can be installed on trunks, SIP or extension side
  • Customise QC tests for evaluating agent calls
  • Live screen capture for agent screen recording
  • Add notes or flags to recordings
  • Secure 128 bit encrypted recordings
  • FSA and PCI compliant
  • Manual or automatic pause/resume recording
  • Full audit trails for each recording
  • Scheduled onsite or offsite archiving
  • Includes full Office Xpress Call Reporting
  • PC or Server included

Simple but Powerful Search

Search for calls by entering search criteria such as time, date, telephone number, extension or DID. Additional filters such as duration, notes added to recordings or account codes entered during a call are also available.

Clear Results Screen

Call recordings that match the search criteria are displayed along with relevant information for that recording. Double click a recording to play it back or right click for further options such as save locally, email or view/add notes.


Where call recordings are used to enhance staff training, play lists of calls can be created for future access.

Quality Assurance – Agent Scoring

Whereas the Office Compact allows a star rating between one and five to be added to a recording, the Office Ultimate provides the ability to score calls against predefined lists of questions and scores. This allows a training history to build up for agents through the output of detailed or summary reports.

Notes -Voice Case Management (VCM)

Notes can be added manually to a call recording in the Office Compact, but the Office Ultimate expands on this theme by allowing the attachment of documents (or links to documents) as well as notes in order to send the complete package to an internal or external supervisor for review. The supervisor can then review the recording plus any notes or attached documents before responding.

Call Reports

There are currently 175 call logging reports available as standard with the Office Ultimate. This is a significant increase on the 35 reports available with the Office Compact recorder. Reports can be run on demand or set to run automatically to a predetermined schedule.


    • Install Office Pro for full contact centre working
    • Multiple RAID, redundancy and storage options
    • Custom integration of recordings into customers CRM record

    Compatible Systems:

    Any telephone system providing SMDR/CDR call logging output

    Connection Methods:

    Two sets of connections are required for each voice recorder:

    • A “Call Logging” connection to the PC or server being used.
    • An “Audio Recorder Channel” connection for each line or extension to be recorded.

    Audio Recorder Channel

    Recorder card, line and extension connections are via a high impedance parallel ‘TAP’. SIP and VolP recorders use a mirror port as shown in connection detail.

    Call Logging

    Can be RS232 serial port or Telnet via LAN or IP via LAN or via text file reader – (call logging is required for reporting and call tagging).

    Null Modem lead required for serial connection from telephone system to PC, Cat5 straight patch lead required for Telnet & IP connection.

    Note: Connection method depends on the type of telephone system and recorder being used


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