The legal industry by its very nature is extremely diverse and all-encompassing, attempting to work with increasing volumes of new regulation, complexity and compliance. These factors have become a real headache for virtually every legal organization. So how is the legal industry responding to these challenges and what can be done to help these companies?

To address the ever changing requirements many in-house legal teams are transforming the way they are doing business. They are focusing on efficiency, utilising systems and metrics to demonstrate a return on investment to the business. They are reviewing processes, re-engineering business ‘self-serve’ initiatives and looking closely at the review and adoption of new technology to enable teams to work smarter. Competition is increasing with both existing opponents and new entrants that successfully implement these measures to increase efficiency and diversify to win new business and gain greater market share.

Voice recording, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and telephone system reporting make it possible to; increase efficiency, monitor staff and business performance. By integrating case management with telephone and voice recordings ensures and maintains accurate, comprehensive and efficient client management. Associated voice recording, account code handling together with analytical report data allows you to; remain compliant, ensures you are operating efficiently, whilst maintaining customer service and satisfaction.


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